...so it will hardly make your Mass Erect

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Awesome just awesome love it love you

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

That was awesome cheers mate, wish i didnt read as fast as i do!

Could you do a story where Miranda and m Shep meet for the first time where she killed Wilson? She teases Shepard relentlessly using her tight suit that individually wraps her butt cheeks and her leather stiletto boots. Also, Shepard romanced Liars, and he ends up getting caught by kissing miranda' s ass in her suit, perhaps in his cabin...lots of description of her tight suit and Italian stiletto boots and references to her perfect bubbly butt, maybe she could even grind on him after he tells Liars he loves Miranda :)

I have a ton of things I'm trying to write right now, so it won't happen for some time, at least. And to be honest I'm not a fan of cheating, so if I did something like this it'd involve Shepard and Liara breaking up properly before he starts humping the cheerleader.

You might have better luck posting this over at masseffectkink.

Haven't had any luck...I can patiently wait :)

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